Another key winnner drawn for United Way

Wed Dec 04 10:28:25 PST 2019

Another key winnner drawn for United Way

Sixteen key winners have now been drawn for the Heartland United Way car giveaway with two names added today.

Travis' Wednesday Morning Forecast

After a messy night last night, conditions will start to improve today. Another round is expected over the next 36 hours. We'll give you the latest as we dig into the new forecast. Come check it out.

Kit hits snow covered roads in Hastings

Local4 meteorologist Kit Cloninger travels through downtown Hastings to check out road conditions

Road conditions better in G.I. compared to Hastings

Road conditions early Wednesday morning are better for those in Grand Island versus Hastings. Hastings seen more snow, while the increase in temperatures has helped with the melt in G.I. Here's what Meteorologist Kit Cloninger saw while out in Stormchaser4 Wednesday morning.

Slush patches on your morning commute

Meteorologist Kit Cloninger said Highway 281 south of the interstate is a mess. There are patches of slushy ice that drivers should be careful when driving by.

Hastings side roads covered in snow

Meteorologist Kit Cloninger said conditions will be tricky for those who are traveling Wednesday morning. That will especially be the case for those who live in Hastings as people there are seeing more snow than the other Tri-Cities.

BBB: Adams Central - 60, Northwest - 55

BBB: Adams Central - 60, Northwest - 55


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