WNCC vs Northeastern JC Basketball Highlights

Thu Feb 13 22:00:04 PST 2020

WNCC vs Northeastern JC Basketball Highlights

WNCC ladies earn 96-73 win over Northeastern JC on Thursday night. NJC defeats WNCC men 97-77 on Thursday.

Travis' Monday Morning Forecast

Smoke is the first thing you'll notice out there this morning, but hopefully that will become less of a concern later today. We'll have a warm start to the week, but it looks like things will be going down hill as the week progresses. I'll break down the forecast for you right here.

Early morning house fire in Minden

Local4 Cal Larsen is on scene of a house fire early Monday morning in Minden. The home in the 600 block of North Nebraska Avenue.

Kit's 6pm forecast

Beautiful, Spring weather is on the way in the next week. A little cool down but the headline is that 70s are on the way!

Community recognizes and supports staff at Memorial Community Health

Curb Cards and other local businesses have recognized and supported for the health care workers at the Memorial Community Health Center.


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