Mon Feb 17 19:39:04 PST 2020

Tim Jones Local4 Weather

Monday Evening Forecast

Travis' Tuesday Morning Forecast

Today will by far be the nicest day we see for awhile. Cooler temperatures are coming and there may be some snow for the upcoming holiday weekend. I'll break down the entire forecast right here.

How to wear a face mask

Local4's Cal Larsen goes through the procedures you should follow if you plan to wear a face mask in public.

Ashton Lambie's pursuit for world record on hold

Lincoln native and Hastings College alum, Ashton Lambie is not from the big city. It still has not stopped him from becoming one of the best cyclists in the world.

Travis' Monday Morning Forecast

Smoke is the first thing you'll notice out there this morning, but hopefully that will become less of a concern later today. We'll have a warm start to the week, but it looks like things will be going down hill as the week progresses. I'll break down the forecast for you right here.


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