New art on display at Merryman Performing Arts Center

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Published: Mar. 24, 2023 at 11:34 AM CDT
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KEARNEY, Neb. (KSNB) - A new piece of art called “Tumbleweed Symphony” will be on display at the Merryman Performing Arts Center. The facility will feature the sculpture art, created by a local artist, that resembles the climate of Central and Western Nebraska.

The sculptor, Leslie Bruning, said he always wants his work to reflect the city he’s in and that with this piece, he wanted wind to be a factor in the artwork to reflect parts of Nebraska. Bruning said growing up in Western Nebraska tumbleweeds were everywhere.

“I like the idea of the swirl, because we’re working on a square space in the theater here I thought, something round would be good but I want some sense of movement to it,” Bruning said.

Bruning said the tumbleweed piece is made of glass and the pieces of bronze coming down from it creates a vortex feeling.

“I think people coming to see it will instantly recognize what it is,” Bruning said. “You know they’ll identify with the warm weather. They’ll identify with the wind. Once they realize that’s actually a tumbleweed up there that’s made out of glass, you know that’s really impressive.”

Bruning also said there’s at least 100 parts to the artwork and he chose the components of glass and bronze because he does a lot of custom work with bronze, so it comes natural to him. Adding, the piece will be a spectacle for visitors to see.

“You want to deflect them from not seeing,” Bruning said. “You know you want something that’ll catch their eye and something that’ll cause a little bit of wondering. Something that will make them question, how did he make that.”

The piece fits the Merryman Performing Arts Center because it has a familiar style, according to Bruning. “It has different repeating elements, you know just like music does,” Bruning said. “I mean music and art have an awful lot in common because we deal with color, we deal with sound, we deal with repetition, rhythm, all of those things.”